Metal Card – Gold Bar Edition

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Note: Due to the lighter design, some people leave it blank and it still looks amazing.
Experience sophistication and luxury with our latest addition: the Gold Bar Edition Metal NFC Card. Meticulously crafted, it exudes a sleek and opulent aura, leaving a lasting impression of elegance and style. Elevate your professional image today.


Step into the realm of sophistication and luxury with our latest addition to our digital business card lineup: the Gold Bar Edition metal NFC card. Crafted to perfection, this card embodies the sleek and opulent aura that sets you apart from the rest, allowing you to make a lasting impression that resonates with elegance and style.


Our “Gold Bar Edition” Metal NFC Card exudes luxury and elegance, providing a distinct impression. However, please note that it is not made of real gold and may be susceptible to scratching if not handled carefully. Additionally, logos, QR codes, and engravings may appear lighter than on black metal cards making the QR scan a bit trickier sometimes (you’ll get the angle), but the NFC functionality remains intact. With proper care, it remains a great choice for making a lasting impression in the professional world. If you have any questions, feel free to contact our customer support team. Elevate your image with our exceptional “Gold Bar Edition” Metal NFC Card.



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