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Introducing our innovative sticky digital NFC tag, the perfect tool for professionals on-the-go. Designed to stick on your phone, wallet, or purse, it gives instant access to your contact info with a simple tap. It’s compact, discreet, and won’t add bulk. Upgrade your networking game and order now.

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Introducing our innovative and convenient sticky digital NFC tag, the perfect solution for professionals on-the-go. This tag is designed to stick onto the back of your phone, case, wallet, or purse, allowing for easy and immediate access to your contact information.

Our sticky digital NFC tag utilizes the same technology as our digital business cards, making it a reliable and convenient tool for sharing your contact information with ease. No more fumbling through your wallet or trying to remember your phone number – with a simple tap, your contact details are readily available.

But the benefits of our sticky digital NFC tag don’t stop there. Its compact and discreet design means that it won’t add unnecessary bulk to your phone or wallet, ensuring that you can carry it with you wherever you go. Plus, its durable and long-lasting materials ensure that your information stays safe and secure.

Upgrade your networking game with our sticky digital NFC tag today. Order now and experience the convenience and ease of sharing your contact information with just a tap.

In case your contact does not have NFC enabled, our products also come with a QR Code so anyone can scan and access your IntroTouch profile!


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